Boris, public theologian

Another good story from the Church Times features Boris Johnson's appearance at the latest Global Day of Prayer event in London. Perhaps slightly stumped as to a suitable subject for Mayoral comment on such an occasion, Boris plumped to involve himself in the controversy over whether local councils should say prayers before their meetings.
This is, of course, a serious matter and one that I feel is very important. It has recently been brought to a head by the National Secular Society, who have launched a campaign attempting to intimidate councils into giving up prayers by insinuating they may face legal action. This makes us ask hard questions about the use of faith language, and especially Christian language, in public discourse - perhaps even forcing us to consider the essential nature of modern British society.

And Boris' contribution to this complex and fraught debate? "It's a load of old cobblers" he tells Premier Radio. (Nice link, also has a typically po-faced reaction from the NSS).

Thank you, Boris, for your theological contribution. And thanks for your support (I think).


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