Happy Birthday Truro Cathedral

This week marks the 100th anniversary of the completion of Truro Cathedral, Britain's only purpose-built Cathedral of post-medieval times. So, happy birthday to you, St Mary's. Curiously, the Cathedral is so old that it seems to have forgotten its own birthday, with no mention of the anniversary on its website. It falls to the Church Times to alert us to this milestone.
Perhaps the Cathedral prefer to celebrate the anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone, which surprisingly was back in 1880, meaning that the construction took 30 years, a slow build by Victorian standards. Or perhaps they prefer not to draw attention to the fact that it's already falling down and they've started all over again.


Jonathan (a different one) said…
Liverpool has two. Guildford another. Coventry another. Er, or did you mean something I'm missing?
Charlie said…
Some bloggers would supress such comments, on the grounds that pedantry and a regard for accuracy shouldn't stand in the way of a good opinion. But that won't happen here. Always Hope must get its facts right, otherwise it will be like Wikipedia. Anyway, it's nice to know someone's out there. Do come again.
I think I probably meant it was the first new Cathedral to be built since medieval times. How does that sound?

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