What's it all about?

Next challenge - what to actually write about. The idea is to post about things on my mind, usually (but not always) confined to the stuff that relates to what I do as a vicar.

This probably means covering an eclectic (not to say eccentric) range of topics, including evangelism, discipleship, being church, and the public voice of Christianity. There's also likely to be frequent reflections on things Anglican, both local and wider. This will sometimes be sublime, sometimes ridiculous. Some of that will be very specifically about the life and troubles of the stipendiary clergy - therapeutic for me if not of interest to anyone else.

But I hope it will be mostly about God, and faith in him. There'll be a quite a lot about the Bible (me showing my working for sermons) and about what it means to really "do" what God asks us to (James 1:22). There'll be some thoughts about the implications of believing in Jesus Chist, and attempts to share my conviction that, with him, there is always hope.


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