Cameron's Cornish connection

Always Hope congratulates David and Samantha Cameron on the birth of their daughter (un-named, presumably on a temporary basis) and notes with pleasure that BBC Cornwall are able to make the story their online headline today, beating unusual plants and fish-related stories further down the page than they normally are. This is, of course, because Cameron petite, coming a bit earlier than expected, interrupted the family holiday and was delivered at our very own Royal Cornwall Hospital (Treliske).

This news will raise a few chuckles here in the Duchy. Everyone in Cornwall wishes nothing but the best to the RCH, which provides so many lifesaving services and is one of our biggest employers (the biggest?). However, it's no secret that the hospital has had its problems in recent years. Dogged by persistent criticisms and management difficulties, in many people's minds it is labelled with the tag "could do better". Perhaps, now, the new-forged connection with the heart of Government will inspire RCHT to greater things? Will any future difficulties in his daughter's birthplace attract the personal attention of the PM, leading to greater investment and accountability? We can but hope.


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