Blog Action Day 2010

It's a pleasure to support Blog Action Day 2010, even though Always Hope doesn't contribute many to the 30,000,000-plus readers covered by all the participating blogs. This year the theme is water, something which we should all care about, because it highlights something which simultaneously one of the great injustices of the modern world, and also one of its most "fix-able" problems.

Put simply, millions of people are dying because the only water they have is killing them. By the time you have finished reading this, hundreds more people will have died because they have no access to clean drinking water, surely the most preventable of deaths. Water, that most basic of human needs, is denied to millions, unless they choose to drink from polluted and disease-ridden sources.

At Kea we support Tear Fund, the international Christian charity, which has long campaigned on the issue of clean water. I can also recommend WaterAid, a non-religious charity with brilliantly clear aims in this area. To find out more, go to which has lots more links to water-related charities.


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