A serious theological contribution

Only joking. By way of a plug for the marvellous Dave Walker, click here, a link which, it just happens, contains an irreverent cartoon about Calvinism.

Makes you think, though. Calvinism as understood by its modern advocates seems to imply that we are really predestined to go to that particular seminar, to choose that particular path in life, to wear that particular pair of socks today. I can't help feeling that's not really what Calvin had in mind (or Paul, for that matter).  It encourages a mindset of "what will be, will be", which doesn't seem very biblical at all to me. 


Stuart said…
Yes Dave Walker is so gifted....excellent blog.

An interesting paradox within Calvinism is the existence of heresies. You can’t claim that everything without exception is foreordained and rendered certain by God for his glory and that certain heresies detract from, diminish, demean God’s glory and rob God of his glory.

In other words, heresies must be foreordained by God? A strange situation in which to find oneself….
Anonymous said…
I think this single statement of Jesus to the people of Jerusalem sweetly disproves Calvinistic predestination... "I longed to gather you as a hen gathers her chicks, but you were not willing". The plain and simple logic of this statement says it all. The love of Christ, the free will of man, the needless loss of fellowship through human resistance to the call of God... But sadly, there is rarely a way to escape the tight self-defining circle of TULIP logic it seems, for those who have chosen this way of thinking.
Stuart said…
....for those who have chosen this way of thinking

And therin lies the crux, namely, they would maintain that they did not choose this way of thinking ;-)
Bryonny G-H said…
Oh dear. Just the other day I confidently announced that "what will be, will be". Now I fear I have been a Calvinist without knowing. This new horror reminds me of the distressing time when I was a Positivist by accident.

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