Food bank stirs controversy

This week Always Hope is playing with the big boys and girls, with my unexpected guest post on Lesley's blog. After putting a little plug for the Foodbank on this blog last week, I found myself drawn into a debate with Mike Rayner, who as it turns out, is a high-powered researcher and lobbyist who knows a thing or two about public policy. I won't attempt to summarise the debate, hop over and read it for yourself. But for what it's worth, I think Mike is right about everything except one - we can both attempt to change the system, and at the same time help people who are victims of the system. It's not an either/or.


Ray Barnes said…
Both points of view have great merit, but in my opinion they are not mutually exclusive. As you say, there is a time-lapse between applying for help and its being granted, if indeed it is granted. No-one should be allowed to slip through the holes in the net and if food banks can act as a safety net, they must be allowed to do so, and should be supported.
Interesting post.

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