Porthleven and Loe Bar

It was nice out there this morning!

I'm not getting great picture quality with my phone, but you get the idea.


Ray Barnes said…
Lovely pictures Charlie. I particularly like the first one. Cornwall really is very beautifull. Lucky man.
Red said…
oh wow, longing for the summer hols now :) We spend lots of time down there and in particular in Perranuthnoe, just along from Porthleven. Can't wait... !! Where are you based?
@therevsteve said…
Nice photos ! Porthleven is possibly my favourite place in Cornwall - holidayed there a few times and always visit if I'm near. I walked through a couple of years back on the SWCP with my older son.
Charlie said…
Well, this post has generated more comment than anything on AH for ages! I'm based just outside Truro, so we can hit most parts of Cornwall in quite good time.

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