I am not giving up blogging

...just in case you wondered.

The latest thing in Christian blogging seems to be to dramatically announce your retirement.   Over at The Beaker Folk, the Archdruid surveys the blogs that are left, and wonders who else might quit.  Whilst quite chuffed to be included in the survey - I noticed I got mentioned thus:

Charlie Peer is an interesting (and Always Hopeful) blogger in Cornwall. He hasn't blogged for a few weeks, but then he does that from time to time. Or at least I hope he's not stopped this time.

I want to reassure readers of Always Hope that this is all part of the cunning plan.  Today I am announcing that I am not giving up blogging: there won't come a day when hordes of readers log on, only to be disappointed to find nothing new here - after all, how would they know the difference between that and any other day?

Instead, I prefer to keep you in hope for the days when you visit this site and find, to your amazement, that I've written something.


Anonymous said…
Lay Anglicana said…
Your fans are indeed hugely relieved. But also tantalised. Could you perhaps just show us a glimpse of stocking...?!
Ray Barnes said…
Good news Charlie. True you don't put in an appearance that often, but all the more valuable when you do put digit to keyboard.
Suem said…
Phew! And I thought the last post on dying was possibly a subtle hint that you were about to pull the plug(only on the blog, obv!)
Red said…
glad to hear it!x
Unknown said…
Jolly glad to hear it, Carlos.

Mad Padre said…
As someone who enjoysd this blog and who dabbles myself (shameless plug: www.madpadre.blogspot.com) I am glad you're going to persevere. Stag on!

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