N T Wright plays guitar in Nashville

I stumbled across this winsome video of Tom Wright playing his guitar in Nashville (really). It's worth watching just for the theology that he puts into the song. It also showcases the gifts of one the Church of England's former Diocesan Bishops. And I wonder if I'm the only one wishing that he could have done this in General Synod. In fact, not only does the new, not-Bishop of Durham NTW look a whole lot more relaxed (which is understandable), he just seems more engaging and human than I remember him. I wonder what this says about the expectations that bishops (and all clergy) are conforming to when they are in their public role? Is it possible (or even desirable) for a Christian leader to be truly themselves, until they lay down their office?

This video comes from the Rabbit Room. Hop over there, because there's more where this came from. 


Ray Barnes said…
Excellent Charlie. Good words, good sense and more surprisingly, good voice.
Thanks for this.
MadPriest said…
I agree with you entirely. Tom comes from up the road from where I live and before his elevation to the episcopacy everyone loved him. I can't remember anyone, whatever their church tradition, not being excited when they heard the news that he was to be bishop of Durham. But the bishop was nothing like the man, something Tom obviously realised himself. That he hated his bishop self and had the courage to do something about it before it changed him forever, showed his true personality. There is much the church could learn from this episode but I very much doubt that it will.

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