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Dawkins looks a little bit silly

Sorry to indulge in Schadenfreude, but if it was ever justified, this is the moment: Fraser: Richard, I'm sure you could name the full title of On the Origin of Species ? Dawkins: Yes, of course.  Fraser: Go on, then. Dawkins: On the Origin of species by, errr, selection, oh, um, (mumble, mumble), oh God, it's got quite a long subtitle [getting very cross], I, um... Justin Webb: Pretty close! Listen to the whole conversation here What's so delicious about this is that Giles Fraser was accusing Professor Dawkins of creating a whole load of ridiculous and impossible conditions that people must fulfill before he will allow them to be "Christian". His point was that we could do the same thing for atheists and it would be equally ridiculous, because nobody would be allowed to be called an atheist unless, for example, they could name the full title of the Origin. A point which Dawkins then kindly demonstrated for him.