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Blog service interrupted

To the three men and a dog who constitute this blog's loyal and devoted readership, I apologise for the even longer than usual gap since the last post. Generally I don't apologise, but the reasons may be of interest this time. Moving is disturbingly similar to dying. One becomes wholly absorbed in the process, and every sense turns inward, leaving very little to give to those around. What little I do have is necessarily used up by maintaining the routine of parish ministry, surprisingly demanding even with so little time to go. Yet it has been an extraordinary few weeks, which I hope to reflect on here over the next few months. If anyone finds my parallel with death distressing, don't forget that it is merely the prelude to resurrection - and Always Hope will rise from the ashes. However one thing is certain; having attempted to several times to establish a regular blogging routine, I now realise that strike blogging is more my style, and so it shall be from now on. Anywa