If I don't read your blog...

... it's not necessarily because I don't like it. I'm fast becoming a blog addict, enjoying other people's half-baked ramblings almost as much as I do my own. It's just that now it's so easy to set up and customise a blog, some of your sites look a bit like the online equivalent of a Heath Robinson contraption, with so many gadgets, widgets, and objects tacked on that I can barely find the posts.

My four-year old laptop can't cope with the amount of junk code you've bodged on to your site in your DIY madness. The fan almost flies out of the box and the whole screen freezes solid for five minutes while the machine has a strop. You've got gratuitous Youtube clips all over the place, one of those sidebars that tells me your most recent visitor was from Ulan Bator (it doesn't work, by the way - it always tells me that I'm from Berkshire), a widget that tells me I can share your pictures, more pictures under every post with links to other random posts, at least five stat counters, and a bar at the bottom that offers me the chance to play space invaders. Whatever words of wisdom you've imparted to the world are hidden from me, but I do know that you were number 493 in blogodoodles rankings last month, as that was the last thing my computer saw before it imploded.

Always Hope isn't going to win any prizes for design. But it likes to think it's striking a blow for simplicity.


Stuart said…
Totally agree, if only more would heed this.

Less is more, just think of Google.

The other day I visited a prominent conservative Anglican blog and literally couldn't read the post because of the protrusion of side-bar! Pathetic.

This is a nice clean and simple blog, firmly in my feedreader, just how it should be.
Charlie said…
Flattery will get you everywhere!
Pam Smith said…
Good points Charlie, if I ever do get round to starting my blog I'll take heed.
Anonymous said…
I'm always told I'm from Swindon, which I find very disconcerting. I don't think I've ever even been there.
Alastair said…
Totally agree, though I do wish you had the Google follower widget ;-)

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