There's always hope - 14th October 2010

Apparently the San Jose mine rescue has already become a sermon illustration banker for this Sunday. But so what? This is not a time for cynicism. Today, as well as a phenomenal success story, we had a demonstration that the one thing, more than any other, that lights the candle of the human imagination is hope.

This blog wants to suggest that the reason for this is that the ability to hope is hard-wired into us by the Creator and the Object of hope, God who offers us a future when everything else is lost.

There's always hope.


Graham Brack said…
There's a fascinating piece by a Turkish journalist, Yusuf Kanli, at which contrasts the actions of a Christian government with that of a secular/Moslem government. The Chileans never lost hope, whereas the Turks accepted an "Act of God" as fate. There is a lot to be said for submission to the will of God, but one of the key tenets of Christianity is that, through prayer, God can be influenced. If He couldn't, intercessions would be a bit pointless.

It seems to me that if you don't believe in the possibility of intercessory prayer, hope must be hard to maintain. Fortunately, we do!

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