True Anglicanism

This is from the Church Times, but I picked it up from Lesley's blog. It's a classic piece of Trumpet reporting.

Geoffrey Kirk, an Anglo-Catholic priest who has announced he is leaving the Church of England, addressed the Forward in Faith 'national assembly' last week. In what was clearly an emotional and riveting speech, he revealed his deepest hopes and fears for the future of the church, and even touched on his own mortality. And his audience responded in a way that is so terribly Anglican:

Fr Kirk, who has recently suffered ill-health, said that he would probably not see the outcome in the C of E; or, if he did, it would be from another communion and on another continent. The Assembly stood to applaud him, and he was presented with a coffee-maker.
Fantastic. "That's enough pathos now, here's your coffee maker, oh and don't forget to hand the keys in on your way out." Some people have been suggesting that Forward in Faith are perhaps not very Anglican. On this evidence, I think we can say that they definitely are.


Unknown said…
Thanks for this; as an A-C myself, I am saddened by this turn of events, but before they give all the catholic parishes away, there might be more jobs for curates like me!

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