Protect Kea plums!

Sorry, but this is a story of strictly local interest only:

Kea plums bid for European protected status

Yes, the famous Kea Plum may soon be accredited with Protected Design of Origin status by the EU, putting it on a par with Cheddar Cheese and other such delicacies (but, scandalously, not Cornish Pasties) as something that cannot be ripped off by cheap imitations grown in Albania or Biggleswade. Why anyone would want to do this in the case of the Kea Plum is not clear, but that's not the point. This is long overdue recognition for what is presumably Kea's only indigenous species (a phrase that surely only a few parishes can use with a clear conscience).

The observant will notice that Tregothnan is in fact on the other side of the river, but I understand that they do grow their plums at Coombe, thereby meeting the strict qualifying conditions. Always Hope presumes that the status, when awarded, will apply to the plums which still grow in the gardens and fields of many of the local residences as well.


Ian Mallinson said…
My wife is getting some for her birthday :) the only problem is that we now live the other side of Truro, so we will have to be an extended parish embassy! as I child I used to go with the church outing to pick and make them into jam, so we decided to find some to grow in our garden, they are very hard to find, and annoyingly the only place to get them is out of the county, two suppliers have them and the closest is in Devon. at least it keeps them special!

p.s. interesting blog!
Charlie said…
Thanks Ian, good to hear from you.

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