Boris to welcome Noah?

On a lighter note:  The creator of a full-scale replica of the biblical Ark has written to Boris Johnson to ask permission to moor the vessel in London during the 2012 Olympics.

Read the story, and see the pictures, here.  (Warning: links to Mail Online!)

Without wishing to quibble, Always Hope has some doubts about the veracity of Johan Huibers' claim to be a "biblical literalist".  This is not a text-critical comment, you understand, but a question of whether he has bent the rules a little.  I can't find a mention of the two 1,500 seater conference rooms anywhere in Genesis, and Mr Huibers' conviction that the biblical "resin wood" was Swedish Pine reveals, at the very least, a shaky grasp of context.

Still, who would grumble at such a prospect?  Some may see this is as an eccentric and perplexing sideshow, but that should go down well with Boris. 


Ray Barnes said…
Wonderfull, thanks for this one Charlie. What a fabulously insane idea.
The Dutch really are at the very least, as eccentric as the English.
I do hope Boris will welcome it to London. I'd love to see it!

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