Cornwall Council talks rubbish - the definitive statement

Always Hope is equally fascinated and appalled at the workings of the bureaucratic mind. The world according to petty officialdom is a wonderful place, where words have alternative meaning, reality is determined by flow charts drawn up in airless offices, and nothing happens unless a form is filled out 3 months in advance. Anyone who shares my fascination will thank BBC Cornwall for publishing this in full on their website:

Residents living in the former North Cornwall, Caradon and Restormel district areas should get a complete set of three new reusable sacks and a black box to replace the coloured disposable plastic sacks they currently use.
But former Carrick district householders, who already have a black box, a red sack and a yellow sack can expect a new orange reusable sack for recycling cardboard.
Households in the former Kerrier district will also get an orange reusable sack, a blue reusable sack for paper, but no box as they already have a blue box.
Whereas residents in the former Penwith area who already have a green box will be given a blue sack for paper, a red sack for cans and plastic bottles, and the orange sack for cardboard.
Recycling advice from the council says glass bottles and jars should be put in the black recycling box - which is not black, but blue in the former Kerrier area and green in the former Penwith area.
Paper should be recycled in the blue reusable sack (which is not blue, but red in the former Carrick area), while the red reusable sack (blue in Kerrier and yellow in Carrick) should be used to recycle cans and plastic bottles.

The good news, though, is that, according to a "council spokeswoman", each sack will have a picture on it, showing what can be put in it. Residents are apparently not encouraged to affix pictures of their own choice.


GrahamB said…
They have previous, Charlie. Not long after we started our business in 1985, we had a solemn letter from the council that explained that green sacks were now yellow, but would still be called green sacks to avoid confusion.
Ray Barnes said…
Heaven help the colour-blind.
DianaP said…
It would be great if the recycling is just picked up on the allotted day..however if you go and ask for a replacement sack, whatever colour, you are not allowed one!

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