Rev again

Episode 2 of Rev - my overall impression is about the same as last week. It's well-written and nicely observed; I just wish the pace was a little bit less tortoise-like, then it would stand a chance of being a real hit.

For those who are wondering how realistic this all is, I can tell you - everything you see on this programme is true, but exaggerated for comic effect (well, nearly everything. One or two things aren't exaggerated).
So Always Hope will refrain from whingeing about the crude stereotyping of evangelicals, on the basis that all's fair in love and war, and it was quite funny.
My favourite is still the Archdeacon. I liked the bit where he said "must go - got tickets to Chelsea - Man U" and put twenty quid in the collection plate.


Peter Banks said…
RE: 'I just wish the pace was a little bit less tortoise-like' - makes it even more truly C of E though?!
Charlie said…
Good point, maybe it is more clever than we realise!

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