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Time to tidy up a few loose ends, relating to the last three posts on Always Hope. Last night's post on religion and the BBC seems to have attracted a lot of interest (I say a lot, but it's all relative), although the general thrust of opinion seems to be in the opposite direction - Bishop Nick Baines and LankyAnglican make the point on their blogs. I think the case is well made but still believe that this is not a drum we should be beating, for the reasons I attempted to set out in my post.

Meanwhile, I need to clarify something I wrote in Cameron's Cornish connection. When I referred to "the Duchy", I was of course describing the ancient and Royal Duchy of Cornwall itself, not the private hospital which is situated adjacent to Treliske, for the convenience of Doctors who need to fit in their NHS jobs between private consultations. One or two cynics have suggested that Samantha Cameron might quietly move across the road in the next day or two, to which Always Hope says, shame on you for thinking it. Just because Mr and Mrs C are both millionaires in their own right, that's no reason to assume that they won't want to experience the best that the NHS in the South West has to offer. I expect Cameron is delighted to have the opportunity to be on the receiving end of the services that his Government funds.

Finally, it turns out that Tim Vine, the teller of the funniest joke at this year's Edinburgh Fringe, is a Christian. He delivered today's (Channel 4) and gave a likeable defence of the "God gave us a sense of humour, so we can laugh at what we like" argument. He doesn't seem the type to tell any really offensive jokes, though, so he's probably in no danger of incurring a Fatwa any time soon.


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